Healing My Hope


Future Self (personal insights) — Healing My Hope

What would my future self have me do in this moment?

Make sure you’re happy with the job you choose. Don’t choose a job where you’ll never see the light of day.

Choose joy. Whatever job you get, they are lucky to have you. Choose one you want.

You can take all the time you need to reach your goals.

You don’t have to have it figured all out, you just need to know the next right step.

Do what you need to do to be in a peaceful space.

Everything is a gift, everything is a blessing.

Let all of your passions come together, in time, they will make a beautiful masterpiece.

I am in control, and I am not.

Detach from everything you think you want, and then choose what you want to experience. The the experiences come to you, and if you feel good about it then choose it. 

Don’t run around trying to create out of thin air. Take what you are given, refuse all that doesn’t align.

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