Relationship Issues: Don’t Just Break Up


Relationship Issues: Don’t Just Break Up — The Jazzy Daze of Fashion

Posted by Jazzy Jaye October 1, 20192 Commentson Relationship Issues: Don’t Just Break Up

Dating is almost non existent with this generation. Infidelity is at an all time high due to social media and technology, Marriage is no longer valued and everyone is quick to throw away a good relationship just for a quick hookup. What a time to be alive right? If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship nowadays, cherish it. You and your significant other may have your occasional disagreements and arguments, but that does not mean that it’s time to throw in the towel. Relationships are all about compromisetrust, and respect. Without these three things, it will be quite difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.


You and your partner are two different people more than likely with different mindsets. Just because you have a disagreement about something, that does not mean that it is time to break up. Be an adult and communicate with your partner. Communication is key, and in this situation being able to communicate effectively will eventually lead to an agreement where the both of you are happy.


I have already touched on this topic, but if you cannot trust your partner, then why are you guys together? Whether you believe it or not, your partner is with you because they love you, they are not there to hurt you (now if they are….that’s a different post). In this day and age, I know it may be a bit difficult because of technology, but it is best to not let your insecurities to take over. Insecurities can cause issues in the relationship, even to the point of ending them because it will eventually push your partner away. If you feel or know that your partner is not doing anything wrong, then TRUST them.


This is definitely a major one. Boundaries should definitely be COMMUNICATED about and set within the relationship. If your partner say they don’t like when you do something, be mature and respect their wishes. Going against them will do nothing but cause unnecessary stress and arguments. If this is you, FIX IT. This section goes hand in hand with being able to compromise. No one wants to argue all the time because you’re too immature to be accommodating to your partners needs.

If the older generations before us can stay together in relationships no matter what obstacle they face, then so can we. Times will get hard but that does mean that is time to give up. That’s the problem with this generation. What I don’t understand is how some of you can give up a decent relationship for someone who can care less about you, and then cry about it on social media (If you feel attacked, oh well, I’m here to tell it like it is.) This generation is too soft. If you get into an argument with your significant other then argue about it, cry if you need to, work on yourself and I promise you everything will fine. Stop being so quick to run from one person to the next because you can’t handle things like an adult.

We need to get back to valuing relationships and family. Lets make this a movement instead of worrying about chicken sandwiches. 

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